Hong Kong’s Top 8 Beaches - Part 1

6 min readDec 26, 2021

In my past articles, I have shared already some beaches in Hong Kong and in this article I will focus on listing them down and give a brief introduction to the new ones that I haven’t written before. I will rank them accordingly in this article and share the first 5 of them, so stay tuned for the next 3 beaches in the following week. The sequence of the list is based on my personal preference.

#1 Long Ke Wan (浪茄灣) white sand beach

If there is just so limited amount of time you have in Hong Kong and must rather go to only one beach, I would recommend you Long Ke Wan white sand beach. Although it is not the most easiest one to reach, it is definitely worth your time. The sand and seawater are both clean and clear, also you get to hike on the most beautiful hiking trail, MacLehose Stage 2. Nevertheless, as there is no safeguard on the beach, it is not advised to swim too far away from the shore.

More on how to get there and other details, read this article below https://abenteuervonalice.medium.com/hong-kongs-most-beautiful-hiking-trail-maclehose-trail-stage-2-5d143f5ba511

#2 Hung Shing Yeh Beach (洪聖爺灣泳灘)

Located on Lamma Island, Hung Shing Yeh Beach can be reached only by ferries. The good news is that every two hour, there is a ferry going from Central Station to Lamma Island. As this beach is located on an island outside of Hong Kong Island, normally there are less people. In addition, there is a safeguard looking over people swimming in the sea during their office hours. The seawater is quite clean for this beach.

For more details, read this article below https://abenteuervonalice.medium.com/lamma-island-without-llamas-f6ec06f5b818

#3 Repulse Bay Beach (淺水灣泳灘)




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