Hong Kong’s Most Beautiful Hiking Trail: MacLehose Trail Stage 2

4 min readNov 22, 2021

MacLehose Trail (麥理浩徑) is a 100 km hiking trail that crosses over Hong Kong from the very west Tuen Mun District (屯門區) to the very east Sai Kung District (西貢區). The name MacLehose comes from The Lord MacLehose of Beoch who was the longest-serving governor in Hong Kong under British colony. Under his ruling, Hong Kong witnessed one of the most golden periods of all time such as being the financial center of Asia, being one of the Four Asian Tigers (along side Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea), having 9-year mandatory education, as well as setting up country parks to preserve nature, and the list goes on… As he was a passionate hiker himself, the hiking trail was named after him for his contribution to Hong Kong.

MacLehose Trail is divided into ten stages, with the second stage having the most breathtaking view. Normally it is recommended to start the hike from the last section of MacLehose Trail one, the High Island Reservoir East Dam (萬宜水庫東壩), which is listed as a part of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark (香港聯合國教科文組織世界地質公園) (photo 1). The view from the reservoir is really magnificent and is definitely an awesome start of the hike with already a good view as our motivation to go further. The beginning was relatively easy, as we saw the reservoir (photo 3–6), we were just walking either downwards or on flat well-paved hiking trail. Along the way, we could see the clear water of the reservoir and, on the other side, the characteristic rocks (photo 7) in this area and more in Sai Kung.

Then our happy and chilling stroll came to an end, as what was waiting for us was indeed a much higher level of hiking than the first part. The…


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