Venice of Hong Kong- Nature and Islands- Part 3

4 min readJan 30, 2022

Happy lunar new year (Year of Tiger) to all the Asians! I will also share something related to tiger in this article, so do read until the end to find out!

Tai O (大澳) is located on the west of Lantau Island (大嶼山), the place is also given a beautiful name “Venice of Hong Kong”, due to its preservation of fisherman lifestyle and village. A very characteristic architecture at Tai O is the pang uks (棚屋), which is a kind of stilt house built above the water. As I was exactly at the same location once before the sunset and once after, we get to enjoy two different views near pang uks.

How to get to Tai O? There are several ways to reach Tai O. We took bus 11 from MTR Tung Chung Station(東涌站) to Tai O. Another way will be to take a ferry from Tuen Mun (屯門) to Tai O. We started our trip from the center of Tai O market (大澳街市), where we saw many vendors selling seafood such as squid, dried puffer fish decorations, and so on…

Strolling around streets of Tai O, we captured beautiful ocean view and boats that looks like those in southern Europe. Moreover, we passed by Kwan Tai Temple (關帝廟), a temple worshiping Guan Yu (關羽), who was a righteous military general from Eastern Han Dynasty (東漢). Due to his loyalty, wisdom, and his righteous characteristic, people who do business will worship him, hoping their business partners are as reliable as him. Even gangsters worship him because of his loyalty, hoping their “brothers” are always loyal to them. Kwan Tai Temple at Tai O is a grade II historic site, since it was built back in Ming Dynasty (1488–1505) and was renovated several times in Qing Dynasty, which was the last dynasty in China.


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