¡Vamos de fiesta en España Ibiza!

Ibiza (Eivissa in Catalan) is a Spanish island and one part of the Balearic Islands(Illes Balears). The island is very famous for all kinds of parties and night clubs. Actually before going to Ibiza, I didn’t know that even celebrities such as Duchess of Cambridge will fly to Ibiza to party. Of course, my friends and I also went there to experience the party atmosphere.

We bought a ticket to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s electro-music party at Ushuaïa beach hotel. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike is a Belgium DJ band that is ranked 2nd in the world’s DJ ranking. Although the party ticket cost us 65 euro, we think it is really worthwhile. Ushuaïa stage is quite a splendor with colorful visual effects that match very well with the music. Nevertheless, 65 is only the entrance ticket with no drinks included. The funny story here was that I have a habit of carrying my water bottle with me, especially during summer time to avoid dehydration. However, it was not allowed to carry any bottles to the party for fear that we might bring our own alcohol. Therefore, my friends helped me dig a hole in the mud across from the street to hide my bottle. Luckily, by the time we finished partying, my bottle was still there. Lolll

Aside from the night clubs and parties, Ibiza is listed as the UNESCO world heritage site for biodiversity and purity of seawater. The island has indeed many many many beaches, thus, I can only share the ones I went. On the east side of Ibiza, 5 km from the airport, is the island’s longest beach called “Platja d’en Bossa”. It is a very crowded beach with many tourists and people advertising for parties and night clubs. In addition, my friends and I also encountered people trying to sell us some weeds. One main characteristics of the beaches on Ibiza is that the seawater is very clear. One can see the different layers of blue in the ocean.

After touring Bossa beach on the east side, we went to the west side, Sant Antoni de Portmany. On the street Passeig de Ponent, we took a walk to two beaches, Caló el Moro (photo 1) and Cala Alto de Porta (photo 2). Both beaches are rocky coast and the water is so clear that we can see the rocks at the bottom of the ocean. I personally enjoyed swimming in rocky beach ocean to sandy beach because I can see clearer and can make better judgment of my location under water. Moreover, there are less tourists on the west coast, probably because it is further away from the city center and the airport, plus the public transport on Ibiza is not very cheap. As the island is relatively touristy, we find accommodations and transportation to be costly. After a long day of sunbathing and swimming in the ocean, we enjoyed the sunset near Café Mambo on Passeig de Ponent.

On our last day at Ibiza, we took a walk in the city center and the Eivissa Harbour (photo 1–2). A statue of Vara de Rey (photo 4) is right at the center, thus I googled his story. He was a soldier born in Ibiza but died in the independent war of Cuba. According to online data, he was a brave soldier who never gave up until his last breath, despite being heavily injured.

A great picture taking location for Ibiza is climbing up to Castell de Eivissa, a castle plus a fortress left from the Moorish ruling period. From there, you can have a great panorama of Ibiza. As we lost our way when we were hiking up to the castle of Ibiza, we again encountered some people trying to sell weed to us. loll Nevertheless, the safety of the island is still quite good. We didn’t encounter pickpockets nor were our stuff stolen. That being said, while swimming in the ocean, having someone to look after your stuff is quite important. A guy who went swimming, came back from his swim, noticing that the only thing left for him was his swimming pants. All his stuff on shore was stolen as no one is looking after it. Since he was worried asking everyone around, we knew about his story.



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