Studying Abroad: Germany vs Canada

6 min readMar 27, 2021

Which countries should I choose if I want to pursue my studies abroad? As I have experience doing my masters in business in both countries, I will do a little comparison.

Teaching Approach

While Canadian universities focus more on class interaction such as business case discussion in class, German universities have a stronger focus on getting the theories right. Therefore, to be successful in Canadian universities, one has to try to engage more. Often times I observe Asian students being more victim to this kind of education system because in Asia students tend to ask questions in private. However, it is a completely different approach to ace in German universities. First, it is crucial to point out that in Germany, most universities will only hold one final examination at the end of each semester, meaning all the materials throughout the semester is examined all at once. Thus, before final exams, it is common to see people queuing up for a spot in the library before it is even open. What comes after? Students start running as if they were shopping on Black Fridays!

Daily Bureaucracy

Being a foreigner in any countries, it goes without saying that bureaucracy is everywhere. But personally, I think Germany really pushes it to the maximum. Even for foreigners who don’t speak a word in German, there is a high chance that he or she will learn “Termin”, appointment in German, first. From opening a bank account to applying for a visa at immigration office, without an appointment, you will get nothing done. So be aware of all the regulations beforehand. As for Canada, I feel that most governmental officers are very friendly, despite the occasionally long wait. You will be fine even by simply walking in.

Sometimes, even when booking a doctor’s appointment can be challenging in Germany. Many friends of mine have experience suffering from back pain or stomachache, but are only able to get an appointment several weeks later. In most cases, by the time the doctor has time for them, their illnesses have already gone away. My local friends told me to avoid situations like this, one should…


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