Reaching 100 Followers: My Challenge

When I started writing my blog, I had a mindset of taking notes of the funny things and the ups and downs in life. The amount of followers didn’t really bother me that much. However, then I found out about this 100-followers challenge, I think it is a great idea for new joiners and people with similar interest to help each other out.

In my blog, I will be sharing places I have visited during my studies and business trips as well as vacation destination (mainly in Europe, parts of North America, and parts of Asia). Looking forward to exchanging some ideas with like-minded writers.

Let’s help and follow each other to reach the 100-followers milestone and be eligible for the partner program! I will follow back whoever follow me :D

If you prefer to read in Mandarin

My Instagram abenteuer_von_alice

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This is a blog about Alice’s exciting life around the world. Mandarin |Coffee |IG: abenteuer_von_alice