My Very First Story

Today marks the end of my first week of Covid quarantine in Taiwan, after returning from Germany. With a complex feeling, I am about to start sharing my stories from my years (about 5 lol) living, studying, working, and travelling abroad. I started this blog, hoping that this will be the first blog that I will persist on writing. Therefore, for some of you that come across my blog, don’t forget to give me a clap or leave a comment. ;)

A little bit about myself, I have left Taiwan for my master studies since 2016, and ever since I have stayed in Germany and Canada until 2021. (I stayed long not because I didn’t graduate btw). Not until 2019 did I visit Taiwan once again due to an opportunity to be an expat in Hong Kong for three months. One thing I have to say is that throughout my years abroad, I am so busy with life that homesick is the last thing that strikes me. Thus, I feel like I have many interesting stories to share. Hope you would like them.

However, 2020 makes me miss Taiwan so much. Even until now, I still remember those days when wearing a mask is considered necessary only for the sick ones. So glad those days are gone and that people are united against the virus with a mask on.



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This is a blog about Alice’s exciting life around the world. Mandarin |Coffee |IG: abenteuer_von_alice