My Swiss Travel Part 1: Bern

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and the Altstadt (old town) has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. Although the naming of “Bern” is unclear, an interesting legend says the founder of the city decided to name the city after whatever animals he hunted first. In the end, it turned out to be a bear, thus the name “Bern” is given to the city. Whether this legend is true or not, the city does indeed make bear its symbol. The river Aare flows by the city which gives the town a picturesque view.

Bern old town is not very big; therefore, it is suitable for a one-day trip. A walk from the main train station through the old town of Bern and all the way up to the Rose Garden, one should get an overview of most of the important tourist attractions. Popular must-see includes Zytglogge(photo 4), the clock tower originally built in the 13th century and still carries the 15th century astronomical design on the clock as well as the various fountains (photo 5 is Simsonbrunnen: according to Wikipedia, he was born to a Israeli family who can’t have children, so his birth condition was promised by God under the condition that he doesn’t cut his hair. He was also granted great strength, thus he is able to kill the lion) on the way. One very eye-opening fountain is Kindlifresserbrunnen (child eating fountain) built in the 16th century. Some said, it is a symbol of earlier anti-Jews spirit; some others said, it is about the old duke of Swiss who felt jealous of his younger brother and started to eat the towns’ children. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the picture of this fountain in my camera. However, the story sounds horrible. lolll Rose Garden is located at a higher point, thus gives tourist a good view of the old town (photo 1–3). The garden is said to have more than 200 species of roses. Nevertheless, I visited Bern in winter, so I didn’t see any flowers at all.

Aside from the popular tourist attractions, my friends and I visited Bern Historical Museum (photo 1). The building is also a UNESCO World Heritage. The museum not only introduces the history of Bern but also demonstrates a lot of Einstein’s work and his life story. We found out that Einstein developed his Relative Theory, while living in Bern. Also, his family illuminated the Oktoberfest for the first time in Bern (photo 3).

I hope I have a chance to visit Bern again in spring to see the various species of roses and to take a picture of that spooky fountain. What is your experience visiting Bern? Feel free to share them with me!




This is a blog about Alice’s exciting life around the world. Mandarin |Coffee |IG: abenteuer_von_alice

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This is a blog about Alice’s exciting life around the world. Mandarin |Coffee |IG: abenteuer_von_alice

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