Is Frankfurt am Main a Boring City?

8 min readFeb 26, 2022

If you are reading this article, maybe you also think Frankfurt am Main is a boring city. Let me try to persuade you otherwise by listing out 12 interesting places to visit. After going to all of them but you still feel Frankfurt am Main is boring, then it is more legit loll.

#1 Römerberg

When I first came across Römerberg, I felt so fascinated by this city square. It really makes me feel as if I traveled back in time, surrounded by so many German medieval style timber architectures. Indeed, Römerberg has been Frankfurt’s town hall since 1405. On the square is Old St Nicolas Church (photo 1) which is a Gothic church also built in the mid 15th century. However, due to World War II, many of the original architectures were destroyed (photo 2).

The ones we are seeing now are mostly rebuilt based on instructions of how the original designs should look like, such as this Renaissance architecture (photo 1), as well as most of the timber design shops we see in the pictures above. A walk down Paulplatz 9 is a nice winery, Ratskeller (photo 2), too bad it was shut down permanently. Walk down Römerberg street until Mainkai, then you will see Saalhof mit RentenZollturm (photo 3) which was the former customs office.

Even though some Germans call this area “fake,” as a foreigner, I have to praise the Germans for the decent rebuilt of those traditional timber houses. Especially in a metropolitan Frankfurt am Main, an escape from concrete jungle is needed from time to time.

#2 Eurotower

Being in Germany’s finance center, we can’t leave Frankfurt without a picture with…




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