Being Philosophical with Heidelberg

5 min readJul 10, 2021

Heidelberg is in Baden-Württemberg state and the Neckar river flows through the city. Every year tens and thousands of international tourists are drawn to the city due to its romantic landscape. One should not miss the old town of Heidelberg (Altstadt) as well as the old castle (photo 2–5) on the mountain. However, I don’t recommend people pay the fee to enter the castle due to the fact that the beauty of this castle lies in its unique relics appearance rather than its inner design. Aside from the castle, there is an old bridge with a monkey sculpture. The monkey holds a mirror and beside it is poem that implies that the Heidelberg people should be humble and not look too high of themselves. There is a saying, if you touch the monkey’s mirror, it will bring you fortune; if you touch the monkey’s hand, it will bring you back to Heidelberg again. Nevertheless, due to Covid-19 pandemic, the monkey sculpture is blockaded to avoid the spread of virus, which looks pretty sad. So much philosophy is underlying one sculpture that one can imagine how philosophical the whole city is. Beside the bridge is another stone called stone of love (Liebesstein) with a poem showcasing love for Heidelberg. One can take a picture from the stone with the view of the castle.

There is a trail called the “Philosophers’ Walk” which is said to be a trail quite famous among scholars and philosophers at Heidelberg. Walking along the Philosopher’s Walk will give you the overview of the Heidelberg old town. Keep walking and you will see the Monastery of St. Michael (photo 4–5) which was ruin from the old monastery built from 1023 and abandoned in the 16th century. Maybe it is the beauty of this trail that offers scholars and…


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