Hong Kong’s Weekend Getaway Island: Po Toi Island

Po Toi Island (蒲台島), located on the very south of Hong Kong, is the main island of Po Toi Islands which include five other small islands. Due to its geographic location, people usually refer to Po Toi Island as Hong Kong’s “South Pole”. There are two ferries that can take you to Po Toi Island, one is from Stanley (赤柱卜公碼頭) and the other one is from Aberdeen (香港仔) pier. The important thing is that although there are more ferries running between Po Toi Island and Stanley, these ferries are only available on Saturdays and Sundays. As the ferries are few and far between plus possible flooding tourists on weekends (due to Corona situation, locals are travelling inside Hong Kong), allowing enough time to tour the island becomes quite crucial. Better to go to the pier early to ensure your chance to board and make the trip.

I find Po Toi Island extremely beautiful, due to the color of sea water and the formation of various types of rocks, but what I love the most about this island is that there are less people compared with any places in Hong Kong. Even my local friend hasn’t been to Po Toi Island and was there because of me, a foreign tourist! I guess that is how much of a hidden gem Po Toi Island is. We started our trip from Blake Pier at Stanley, and walked along the well-paved road (photo 1). On our right-hand side was the ocean and on our left-hand side was various rocks (photo 2–3). Then we hiked to Ngau Wu Teng (牛湖頂), where we passed by a pavilion (photo 4), saw the turtle-shaped rock (photo 5) on the left side with a dark eye, the panorama of the island (photo 6), as well as people camping there (photo 7).

I felt so happy that I just randomly opened Google map and found this hidden gem island and went there. It was definitely one of the most breathtaking islands I have ever visited in Hong Kong. Just as I thought the day couldn’t be better, we encountered a small beach where we get to sunbathe a little bit before leaving Po Toi Island and heading back to Aberdeen Pier. On the second photo of Aberdeen, there is a fancy boat in the middle which my friend said belongs to the high-class restaurant, Jumbo Kingdom, where customers can enjoy seafood on the boat with skyscraper and ocean view. Nevertheless, that restaurant was closed, so we went to the all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant at Aberdeen central. I have to say the seafood is really tasty in Hong Kong, one thing besides my friends that I will definitely need to come back for.



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