Hong Kong’s Top 8 Beaches - Part 2

Happy New Year of 2022! Hope the coming new year all the best to all the readers and writers on Medium to write more interesting and useful articles!

I would like to continue my last article on Hong Kong’s top 8 beaches.

Originally I had 10 beaches in my mind, but of which 2 beaches I haven’t been there in-person and decided to delete them from the list. The 2 beaches are #6 Shek O Beach (石澳泳灘) and #7 Big Wave Bay Beach (大浪灣泳灘). Both beaches are on the east side of Hong Kong Island, Shek O. When I hiked on Dragon’s Back, I actually was able to have a panorama of both beaches. In front of me is the Shek O Beach (石澳泳灘), which I heard from locals, is a great place to swim and grab food, as there are many restaurants and barbecue places nearby. On my left-hand side is the Big Wave Bay Beach (大浪灣泳灘) where many people go surfing. Both beaches are very crowded most of the time, due to the ease of convenience to reach them. That is also the reason why I didn’t list them on my top 5.

For more information on how to get to Dragon’s Back and hike down to one of the beaches, you can visit my other article https://abenteuervonalice.medium.com/hiking-in-hong-kong-dragons-back-162bd293669

The real #6 Kiu Tsui Beach (橋咀泳灘)

Located at Sai Kung (西貢) Kiu Tsui Country Park (橋咀郊野公園), Kiu Tsui Beach (橋咀泳灘) is another beach that can only be reached with a boat. What is very special about this beach is that when the tide retreats, you can walk on the tombolo. The water is very clean and it is not as crowded as Shek O Beach or Big Wave Bay.

Extra information: Although I haven’t been to Trio Beach (三星灣), it seems to be a hidden gem in Sai Kung for those we want to visit a quiet beach. Nevertheless, you will need to go to Hebe Haven (白沙灣) first to take a boat there. This beach is on my list to visit next time I am in Hong Kong.

Read more about how to get to Kiu Tsui Beach below


#7 Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach (長洲東灣海灘)

Tung Wan Beach (東灣海灘) is located on the east side of Cheng Chau (長洲), while Cheng Chau itself is located at the south of Lantau Island (大嶼山). Cheung Chau is a super popular place for locals to visit and get away from the busy city life. To reach Cheng Chau, we have to take the ferry from MTR Central Station, follow the sign and walk to the Central Piers (中環碼頭). (photo 1–2 were taken on the way to Central Piers). Central (中環) (photo 3) is as its name suggests, very central and city-like, and it is probably the place where you can randomly take some photos and people will recognize that you are in Hong Kong. Such iconic photos like the ones below with skyscrapers and commercial buildings. Among those buildings, one of my favorite is the one with stripes, it is especially pretty at night and the building is Bank of China Tower (photo 4).

Once arrived at Cheung Chau ferry pier, it only takes 5 minutes to walk to Tung Wan Beach. To be very honest, compared to all the other beaches I have introduced, I find Tung Wan Beach to be only mediocre. I don’t really know why people are so interested to go to this beach. It is also among the top places to go on a date with loved ones loll. With regard to the beach itself, it is not very clean, as I saw some garbage floating there when I visited. However, the island indeed has many great food and restaurants. One local food I tried is the fish balls and I really like it, it is quite tasty.

Of course with the popularity of people comes unfortunately the tragedies of people drown in the ocean. According to local friend of mine, Cheung Chau has the most notorious ghost stories ever in Hong Kong, with most accidents taking place in ghost month (lunar calendar July), thus adds on the spookiness of the stories. I can share two of them that I have heard.

One story goes like this, a bunch of young people decided to go swimming at night and one of them, once got into the water, was drown within 10 seconds. After the accident, the safeguard only took 5 minutes to get there. Even after 5 hours of searching, they couldn’t find him, but his corpse appeared 5 minutes after the girlfriend of the dead man arrived on the spot.

Another story is very scary. Two old lady were digging two graves on the beach with shovels and burning paper money (a tradition to give money to the deceased), they looked utterly sad. Then two days later, some people visited the island were drown. Thus, there are rumors whether the two old women are prophets or have anything to do with the accident. Stories like those surrounded this island, therefore, there is also a saying that in the ghost month, when you swim in the ocean here, it is more likely to drown (such as having something or ghost dragging your leg when you were swimming). I don’t want to scare anyone by any means, but the old saying remains, no matter what, safety is always the most important thing. At least, despite of all the ghost stories, the locals are still super fond of this island.

#8 Lido Beach (麗都灣泳灘)

Last but not least is the Lido Beach (麗都灣泳灘) located on the west of Hong Kong, New Territories (新界), Ting Kau (汀九), the closest MTR station to reach there is Tsuen Wan West (荃灣西站) or Tsuen Wan Station (荃灣站), then you will need to either walk or take a shuttle to go to this beach. As the beach is right beside Royal View Hotel (帝景酒店), the hotel shuttle from this hotel will take you to this beach. This beach doesn’t have many shops and restaurants nearby, but there is a volleyball net for beach volleyball. The water is ok and there is safeguard overseeing everyone.

I have to say Lido Beach is the one beach I spent most of my time on because the hotel our company booked for us was Royal View Hotel and I spent my very pleasant three months there. I really enjoyed sun-bathing and playing beach volley ball on this beach. Also, once my colleagues were chatting and drinking on the beach around 2 am, only to realize they were slowly surrounded by wild boars. Luckily, all of them managed to leave the beach safely without getting hurt. Therefore, a side note is to leave the beach for the nature at night ;) Moreover, another time my colleague said Lido Beach so fast that I thought he was calling someone little bitch lolll. Also, as an expat there, it is such a different feeling as compared with other tourists. When I was waiting for the hotel elevator to go to work, I saw people chilling and swimming in the ocean (photo below). Nevertheless, I will still say I had a blast in Hong Kong, although I had to work in a place people come for vacation loll

Now reflecting back, I recalled the hotel staff showing me around the hotel and this beach and told me that Lido beach is so famous that it was a popular shooting spot for many Cantonese TV series and even movies. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch many Cantonese drama back then and can’t relate. Now that I left Hong Kong, I started to be immersed in Cantonese TV series as a leisure in Europe, as travelling is less possible loll. Then I realized what the hotel staff said was sooooo true, among two or three very famous dramas that I watched, always I saw this hotel I used to reside in and this beach that I used to lay on and it really brought back the most lovely memories in my life.

As a proof that I didn’t lie, I found a screenshot of the TV series scene showing the night view of this beach. The beach over watches two bridges, on the left-hand side is the Ting Kau Bridge (汀九橋) with red lights on it at night; and in the front is the Tsing Ma Bridge (青馬大橋) which is another famous bridge all will pass by when leaving Hong Kong International Airport.

Hope you enjoy reading my super long article and find it helpful! Remember to clap for me or leave a comment to exchange ideas! :)



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