Hong Kong’s Top 8 Beaches - Part 2

8 min readJan 3, 2022

Happy New Year of 2022! Hope the coming new year all the best to all the readers and writers on Medium to write more interesting and useful articles!

I would like to continue my last article on Hong Kong’s top 8 beaches.

Originally I had 10 beaches in my mind, but of which 2 beaches I haven’t been there in-person and decided to delete them from the list. The 2 beaches are #6 Shek O Beach (石澳泳灘) and #7 Big Wave Bay Beach (大浪灣泳灘). Both beaches are on the east side of Hong Kong Island, Shek O. When I hiked on Dragon’s Back, I actually was able to have a panorama of both beaches. In front of me is the Shek O Beach (石澳泳灘), which I heard from locals, is a great place to swim and grab food, as there are many restaurants and barbecue places nearby. On my left-hand side is the Big Wave Bay Beach (大浪灣泳灘) where many people go surfing. Both beaches are very crowded most of the time, due to the ease of convenience to reach them. That is also the reason why I didn’t list them on my top 5.

For more information on how to get to Dragon’s Back and hike down to one of the beaches, you can visit my other article https://abenteuervonalice.medium.com/hiking-in-hong-kong-dragons-back-162bd293669

The real #6 Kiu Tsui Beach (橋咀泳灘)

Located at Sai Kung (西貢) Kiu Tsui Country Park (橋咀郊野公園), Kiu Tsui Beach (橋咀泳灘) is another beach that can only be reached with a boat. What is very special about this beach is that when the tide retreats, you can walk on the tombolo. The water is very clean and it is not as crowded as Shek O Beach or Big Wave Bay.

Extra information: Although I haven’t been to Trio Beach (三星灣), it seems to be a hidden gem in Sai Kung for…




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