Dawn and Dusk at Victoria Peak

3 min readOct 31, 2021

Victoria Peak (太平山) is located on the very west of Hong Kong Island. It got its name from the English Queen, Victoria, during the English ruling period and was also a residential area restricted to Hong Kong governors in the past. Due to this restriction, even until now, people living in this area are either the privileged or the rich. What is so special about Victoria Peak? In fact, it is the highest “peak” on Hong Kong Island, though it is only 552 m high. Thus, it is actually more of a hill than a peak. Nevertheless, Victoria Peak has lots to offer, especially the breathtaking night views.

As my friends and I are all expats in Hong Kong, we decided to do something memorable together before we left. This memorable deed was to see the sunrise from Victoria Peak on the first day of 2020. We started our small hike around 10 pm on the last day of 2019 from MTR Central Station and took this Central-Mid-Levels Escalators, which is the world’s longest outdoor escalator!

Later on, we found a pavilion very close to the peak to rest until it is closer to dawn to reach the top. The tip here is really to have some insect spray to keep those mosquitoes at bay which I hope I would have known earlier. Slowly, we reached the peak and I saw the view I believe I will remember for the rest of my life. It is so magnificent how the light of the skyscrapers illuminated the night sky before the sun gradually took over. We are all very glad to have shared this view with one another before bidding farewell. Continue reading my blog to know more about Hong Kong! More articles will be updated in the future.


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