Top 4 Locations for Cherry Blossoms in Berlin

6 min readMay 27, 2022

For most people living in Germany, it goes without saying that Bonn is the city of cherry blossoms. However, after moving to Berlin, I discovered that the amount of cherry blossoms in Berlin is for sure more than what Bonn has to offer (no kidding!). For people living in the north, I would really suggest to visit Berlin if you like to enjoy the view of some pink and white Sakuras in April. In this article, I will share some of the amazing locations to view cherry blossoms (“hanami 花見” in Japanese) in Berlin, so be sure to read until the end! :)

1. Mauerweg (Berlin Wall Trail)

Located on the southwest of Berlin, Mauerweg is really quite faraway from the city center. It is where the Berlin wall once was and will take around 1-hour train ride to reach from the city center. Make sure to get off at Lichterfelde Süd Sbahn station and google the location “Mauerweg with TV Asahi (朝日電視台) Cherry Ave” to get there. The reason why TV Asahi is presented in the street name is that the Japanese TV Asahi launched a campaign to plant cherry trees in Berlin as a gift for reunification and that campaign received 1 million euro worth donation in the 1990s. Therefore, over 1000 cherry trees (photo 1–2) were planted along the Mauerweg. This particular type of cherry blossom trees, compared to many in the city center, tend to bloom around end of April. Each year Hanami activity will also be held at Mauerweg, but due to Covid, this year (2022) we didn’t observe one taking place.

What I love about Mauerweg is that the avenue is long, so crowds are spread out. At a certain time point, it is even possible to picnic there. Also, it seems that there is a riding school nearby, so we also get to see some cute horses and ponies (photo 1). Another interesting discovery is that there is a cherry tree with both white and pink flowers (photo 2) on the same tree! Lastly, of course as it is such a tourist attraction, there is even a sign (photo 3) showing you how to do an…


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